What We Fund

Every year the Evesham Education Foundation strives to provide quality programs and learning tools in order to give students the education that they deserve. Below are just some of the amazing things that tge Evesham Education Foundation does for the students of Evesham.

Literacy Support Program for Primary Grade Students

The purpose of this program is to provide targeted instruction to selected students entering second or third grade who would most benefit from additional literacy support in the summer months. Students receive instruction through the district’s balanced literacy model in small groups that are no larger than five. Reading, writing and word study skills are integrated into each session. Students are recommended for this program based on spring reading levels and teacher recommendation. The program is held during the month of July, and includes am or pm sessions, twice weekly.

Tier III Enrichment Extensions

This district-wide summer enrichment program is for identified Tier III students. The purpose of this program is to bring together our gifted and talented students from across the district in order to provide enrichment course offerings. This program is held during the month of July and includes a.m. and p.m. sessions daily in two-week increments. Courses are designed around 21st Century Life and Career Standards and integrate STEM and/or Humanities.

Other Initiatives