Evesham Education Foundation

One Mission • One Dream

Our Mission

Evesham Education Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting excellence in education. The Evesham Education Foundation is a completely independent non-profit 501(c)(3), nonpolitical organization that was formed to enhance and enrich the academic experience for all of the students in Evesham Township Schools. This means 100% of the funds raised are available to enhance our children's education.

Formed in 1995 by a group of concerned parents and local business leaders, Evesham Education Foundation has made positive contributions toward our children's education.  To continue forward and increase our efforts, we need your support. It is only with dedication and support that the Foundation will be able to carry out its goals and maintain the highest levels of education for the students of Evesham Township Schools.

Our Programs

The Evesham Education Foundation has programs for students Pre-K to 7th Grade. Each program is age specific and helps students gain fundamental skills for both school and home. In our programs students get the opportunity to learn and interact with other peers as well as improving their learning skills. Click below to find out more about our programs.


Every year Evesham Education Foundation hosts amazing events to raise money and awareness for the Foundation. 100% of the profits go towards helping the students of Evesham build better academic careers. Click below to learn more about our events.

Get Involved

The Evesham Education Foundation is always looking for people to get involved within in their community. Whether it is through time and work or donation, the Evesham Education Foundation is extremely grateful for everything our volunteers do. Click below to learn about the ways you can help the Evesham Education Foundation.