Our Programs

Coordinated Arts Program for Primary Students (CAPPS)

Evesham Township School District’s Coordinated Arts Program for Primary Students (CAPPS) is a four-week summer program for selected pre-kindergarten students. The program is designed to provide opportunities to develop social readiness and academic skills with incoming kindergarten students who have a demonstrated need as determined during the spring kindergarten screening. CAPPS integrates art, music and creative dramatics with skills in literacy and mathematics. Areas of focus also include development of gross and fine motor coordination, oral language and social interaction.

The Genesis Counseling Program

The Genesis Counseling Program brings student assistance counselors to the Evesham Township School District middle schools during the student lunch periods throughout the academic year. Students have the opportunity to speak to the counselors privately or in a group setting. If a counselor feels further assistance is needed, they provide referral resources for students and their families, helping them to understand what services may be needed and how to obtain them.  Having supportive services in the school as well as access to additional resources is a beneficial situation, especially since identifying a need early can prevent more serious problems later.

The Metamorphosis Program

The Metamorphosis Program is a middle school summer enrichment program designed for selected students who have just completed their sixth-grade year of middle school.  This district-wide program is designed to help students to enrich their school experience as they enter into their seventh-grade year.  The primary goals of the program are to enhance the social growth and development of participating students, increase communication skills, develop positive self-image, and strengthen positive peer relationships. The Metamorphosis Program meets five days a week for four weeks each summer.  The program is interactive and centers on weekly themes that include various creative activities such as art, music, drama, and other related areas.

Literacy Support Program for Primary Grade Students

The purpose of this program is to provide targeted instruction to selected students entering second or third grade who would most benefit from additional literacy support in the summer months. Students receive instruction through the district’s balanced literacy model in small groups that are no larger than five. Reading, writing and word study skills are integrated into each session. Students are recommended for this program based on spring reading levels and teacher recommendation. The program is held during the month of July, and includes am or pm sessions, twice weekly.

Tier III Enrichment Extensions

This district-wide summer enrichment program is for identified Tier III students. The purpose of this program is to bring together our gifted and talented students from across the district in order to provide enrichment course offerings. This program is held during the month of July and includes a.m. and p.m. sessions daily in two-week increments. Courses are designed around 21st Century Life and Career Standards and integrate STEM and/or Humanities.

Other Initiatives